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      Our company is approved by the state“Housing construction general contracting level”、“Municipal utilities engineering construction general contracting level”“Decoration design and construction integration level”Enterprise,At the same time “Water resources and hydropower engineering”、“Highway engineering”Grades and general contracting qualification,The other is “Environmental protection engineering”、“Ancient architecture engineering”“City and road lighting”、“Foundation engineering”、“Fire control facilities project”、“Waterproof anti-corrosion insulation engineering”Such as one professional contracting qualification。The company registered capital12180Ten thousand yuan,Administration department、The engineering department、The finance department、Sales department、The human resources department、The cost control department and other functional organization and the party branch、The unions、Under the women's commission, etc。 A、Associate constructor150More than one,A senior、Intermediate economic and technical management personnel400Many people,More than one thousand large and medium-sized machinery equipment(Sets)。The company always adhere to the“People-oriented、Keep pace with The Times、Unity integrity、Create new splendor”The basic principle。From2000Years since its founding,Through ten years of development,The company's operating areas by single building construction expanded to the highway、Water conservancy and hydropower、The city、The pattern of the botanical garden afforestation construction, multi-industry simultaneously。Company's business scale has risen steadily,Implement the company quickly、The sustainable development,The output value、Several years of rapid growth,Made outstanding contributions to the development of local economy。Excellent products、The high quality service、The outstanding taxes,High gradely to social reputation for the company,The company has won “Keep the contract heavy credit enterprise in sichuan province”、“Sichuan province non-state construction enterprise comprehensive strength50To be strong”、“Sichuan construction enterprise biggest market share100To be strong”、“Sichuan construction enterprise comprehensive strength100To be strong”、“The construction of chengdu advanced enterprises”、“Dujiangyan city large taxpayer”、“The development of the non-public sector contribution outstanding enterprises”、“The provincial enterprises outstanding achievements” “Chengdu construction enterprise creditAAAEnterprise” 、“The national engineering quality trustworthy enterprise”And“Engineering quality trustworthy enterprise in sichuan province”Such as the honorary title。The company is one of the executive director of the association of construction units in sichuan province。It was named chengdu construction industry outstanding enterprises。Chairman and managing director comrade Hu Yong is evaluated many times the construction of chengdu enterprises outstanding entrepreneur、Dujiangyan city talent。The company always put safety first,Since the establishment of no overweight extra-large safety accident happens,Is evaluated many times the city of dujiangyan、Chengdu city“Safety in production advanced unit”And“Safety production standardization construction work advanced unit”。Sichuan province is the first award of safety production standardization level of enterprises。The company insists on quality first,In the early2002Year through the quality management system certification,In2005Years passed“Quality、The environment、Occupational health and safety management system”Certification,More than a decade,Always pay attention to the running system and continuous improvement。Many engineering was named chengdu or standardization construction site in sichuan province,Part of the project also won“Lotus cup”Award。 The company will solidarity、Unity and harmonious,Adhering to the“Safety first、Quality first、Abide by the contract、The user is supreme”The aim of the,To create more high-quality architectural products and provide the best service。
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